The comparison of electric actuator with the hydraulic/pneumatic cylinder:

The electric actuator when compared with the hydraulic/pneumatic cylinder has many unique features. An electric actuator saves space, as it doesn’t require a complete support system (valve, pump, filter, pipe, etc.). No maintenance is needed, yet it works safely, reliably and quietly. When in working condition, it makes no loud noise and is free from oil pollution. The special function of an electric actuator and screw jack with acme screw is a self-locking function, which assures the safety of the device. This function activates under dynamic load, given to the low transmitting efficiency. The comprehensive accuracy of an electric actuator can reach 0.1mm, while that of the servo cylinders can reach 0.1um.
  • Accuracy: It matches with potentiometer to attain the in-line control. 
  • Synchronousness: Single motor has the ability to simultaneously drive multiple actuators up and down through mechanical connection to multiple actuators. 
  • Diving system: DC motor 12/24V; single phase AC motor. Three phase AC motor
  • Over-load protection: It is protected from overload by matching with the safety clutch or the over-load sensor. 
  • High load capacity: up to 250 ton.
  • Other: Low noise, minimal maintenance, normal working under high/low temperature, corrosion resistant, explosion-proof environment.

The characteristics of the planetary roller screw:

In a planetary roller screw, the manner of transmission force is distinct. A planetary arrangement 6-8 threaded roller screw is installed around the main threaded screw in order to convert the rotational movement of motor to screw motion. Also called roller screw or satellite roller screw, this device converts liner motion to rotary motion or rotary motion to linear motion. The planetary roller screw can withstand difficult working environment, and work for many hours, which makes it ideal for continuous working in different occasions. 

Performance comparison of planetary roller screw with hydraulic cylinder:
Planetary roller screw is an ideal option when the requirement for high-speed and high carrying capacity are to be met. The configuration of EXLAR planetary screw is simple and comes with a single control system. It doesn’t require a support system that is complex, for instance with sensors, filters, pumps and valves. EXLAR electric cylinder is a compact cylinder with a long working life that needs day-to-day maintenance, while there is no hydraulic cylinder liquid leakage and the noise is reduced significantly.

Performance comparison of the planetary roller screw and ball screw:
  • Load hardness: Planetary roller screw is a multi-point contact ball screw force. By increasing the contact surface, planetary roller screw’s rigidity and carrying capacity are improved. Practically, the designer for the same load selects the EXLAR electric cylinder 2/3 of the space savings.
  • Operational life: The operational life of planetary roller screw is determined considering its stroke and a ball screw life curve with reference to the related diagrams, of 30mm diameter and 5mm lead screw, planetary roller screw, in a load of 1 ton life the ball screw 15 times.
  • Ultra-high speed: Conventional ball screw for avoiding mutual collisions between the balls, and thus doesn’t surpass the input speed 2000rpm; planetary roller screw planetary screw cloth fixed around the main screw. It is capable of operating at the rotational speed of 5000rpm or more, with maximum speed touching up to 2000mm/s.

Other patented design:

Spiral Lifts unique groove patented housing design:
Spiral lift has a patent exterior design and distinct square grooves casing accentuates the enclosure’s cooling capacity and grease life. The casing is made of ductile cast iron, and the housing is of high strength and performance. It is widely used in both, low and high temperature applications. 

The spiral lift safety nut patented design:
The security nut has the ability of withstanding the entire load, which ensures the safety of the complete system. It is essential to monitor the state of wear of the main using the measuring device. When the wear value reaches 20% of the pitch, it is the time when the man nut must be replaced. 

Spiral lifts the square tail cover design patented design:
The simultaneous up and down movements of the lead screw nut have a possible rotation. It is essential to install the screw tail square stopper, and square tail cover in the inner wall of sliding. 

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